While planning to make a railway journey in India we need Indian railway inquiry help. Almost its the best thing a person can get. Booking tickets,and heading over the trains are not easier task any more. Enquiry is the main fact that will help us. There are several ways to make our inquiry. But I will guide you through the easiest way. Ever wanted to know availability of seats,position of seats,RAC,waiting list and so on…. the railway terms goes on like this. Let me explain, how to make an railway inquiry and what are the procedures to follow online IRCTC and Offline.

Indian Railway Inquiry :-

Railways are usually divided based on directions like,

  • South Indian railway
  • North Indian railway
  • West Indian railway
  • East Indian railway

So its based on your location. What is the need you need for indian railway inquiry ? Of course there several purposes,

  1. Booking train ticket (Online/offline )
  2. Seat availability
  3. Timings of the train.

So let me guide you regarding this. So Booking train ticket.  


IRCTC Booking:-

Indian railway inquiry

It’s easy to book a train ticket online. What you need is just an IRCTC account. This account helps you to do most of the things that you do offline.  First create an account there, and then you may easily find the options with which you can smoothly make an railway inquiry in India. Not alone to make enquiry  and also you can book ticket using this account. You need a valid account, and a debit/credit card to make your ticket reservation online. Also check the seat availability online using IRCTC. Indian railway inquiry has become so easier with this.

Tips and Waring for Train ticket resevation/booking online using IRCTC account:-

You may think that IRCTC is just a website like online shopping websites like flipkart,amazon etc:- But it is not. We have to be little careful while making reservation using IRCTC.

  • Make your reservation as much fast as you can. 

The reservation time is the main factor, because many users will be using the site for booking the train ticket at the same time. For an example, if you are in Madhya Pradesh, and just think the population of people in Madhya Pradesh. Many people will be booking around you. If it were a rush time, it will hard to get the reservation done.  Before you make your reservation, prepare all the required details including the Number of persons going to travel, their ages, and then the ticket cost. So be well prepared. After that book in an instant.

  • Make payments faster.

All set and ready to go? Fine! At last comes payment section, where you have to make sure you have credit/debit card for reservation in IRCTC. Here too you must be quick in entering the details, and make reservation.

Note:- If you haven’t registered with the VISA/MASTER CARD payment gateway, then make sure that you do that first. It’s too important, and of course will reflect in your reservation process.

The maximum time that you must take is within 10-15 minutes. If you take more that, then you have to restart the complete process again. That’s terrible. So that , I said you to register for Payment gateway. Because registering that will take you more time, as you have to verify your identity like,

  1. ATM PIN
  2. OTP
  4. CVV
  5. EXPIRY DATE and Month.

After you are done with that, proceed the booking process.

  • Never book a railway ticket with Railwire internet(Cable broadband)

The reason,I say not to book with Railwire internet is that due to it’s IP address configuration .I does not provide a separate IP address. For Example, If you are in Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh ,your cable broadband (Railwire) provides you an IP address, and you think that the IP is only for you? Nope. The Railwire Cable Broadband Provider in Gwalior, gives that same IP address for all the people who use railwire internet in Gwalior.

So think the creepiest situation now, Many people will be booking with the railwire internet, so if someone has already booked a train ticket you cannot book. That’s so strange right? Because of IP address, these things happen. IRCTC detects the IP and the booking, and does not allow the other person the book the ticket. So think if 5 people are booking for the same train the first person gets the ticket.

So my request is avoid using the Shared IP address network for better reservation experience.

Offline Booking:-

Offline booking may be clumsy sometimes, the reservation department may have break time, you have to wait a lot the get your work done offline. There are some some things which people get tired, like getting signature from the head, where the head person may be busy with some other work, or he may have gone for a break, so the main factor is that you have to wait for a longer time, and then get you tickets verified by them. Before these waiting process you have a long queue of passengers waiting in the reservation counter. They have to check and book one by one.

Also don’t forget to take the Aadhar card/number ,because it may come handy when you book and these days aadhar card is getting a mandatory for reservation. Also you have to make a check on the reservation checker/public computer, by yourself. That may help you. After getting you ticket and verifying it with the head person then your work is done successfully. Now you can walk out of the railway station/booking center.


These are the steps in booking a successful railway ticket and making an Indian railway inquiry. Keep these steps in mind and follow for successful reservation of train ticket using IRCTC and offline. My opinion is that you can prefer to book ticket online using IRCTC. That will be a better choice. You will be saving lots of time, and are allowed to take you own time to check the seat availability and make a better Indian railway inquiry. I hope that you have got some information and some tips regarding the indian railway inquiry and reservation. Share this with you friends on social media sites, and if you have any comments regarding this, feel free to ask. Subscribe to our notifications and mail! Hope you got technified!

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