Jio has recently launched Jio Prime Membership for it’s users while the free offer of Unlimited internet is going to end in a month or so. People are considered about Jio Plans after March including Jiofi users. Mukesh Ambani has launched an another update for their plans and pricing. As far the India’s richest man, Jio telecom reached a mark of 100 Million Customers in 170 days. This is a great achievement considering the short time.

Jio Prime Membership speech by Ambani
Ambani latest speech on JIO Prime Membership

Jio Prime Membership :-

We loved jio and their services they offer such as

  • Jio tv  (live tv)
  • Jio news
  • Jio 4g voice (Like using JIO 4g on a 2g/3g mobile)
  • Jio ekyc (India’s First e-KYC system) etc:-

There are many useful features of Jio. While the plans and pricing of jio after march is really gonna be the downside for their user as considering the price point and the Unlimited data which they offer turns to be limited , and that to too limited. The monthly plan starts at Rs.149 where one gets,

  • 300 MB Data
  • Free calls,Messages ect:-
  • 700 MB JioNet Hotspot data.

That may be to pricey. If you want to extend the free offer for another year, there is a solution.

Plans and Pricing:-

The price of the monthly plans are affordable considering the cost and the service they offer.

You have to make a initial recharge of Rs.99 to extend your plan to next year 2018. This is just to clarify that you are under Prime plan.

Then you have to make a recharge of Rs.303 every month to get the free data benefits that you are getting right now. You have to make recharge between March 1 – March 31.

Advantages of Prime plan:-

The Prime plan of Jio has many advantages. You can even compare it with other telecom companies like Airtel,Idea,Vodafone and their plans and pricing. You will definitely notice a major price difference here. Other telecom companies mentioned above offers 1 GB of data at the price of Rs.250. We do have special plan of BSNL which offers 1GB of data at an Unbelievable price.

When you recharge for Rs.303 per month its like using internet for just Rs.10 per day. This seems to be really cheap. Jio Prime Membership plan is also available on Jiofi devices.

A Look of What you get in Prime Member ship plan:-

You actually get,

  • 1 GB of Unlimited data.

Where you can use Unlimited data even after crossing the FUP limit of Jio. You will get the speed of 128 Kbps. If you account for a month you get 30  GB of data at the price of Rs.303 . Where this makes Jio’s prime plan more effective and mind boggling.

  • Free SMS,Calls,Messages.

This may be very useful if you are the person who spends lots of your money of Calling.This makes the calling free an another year. If you are the person who needs SMS facility on the go. Then this plan might help you for sure.

  • Free Jio Apps.

Jio apps include

  1. Jio Chat
  2. Jio Music
  3. Jio TV
  4. Jio Cinema
  5. Jio Mags
  6. JioXpressNews
  7. Jio Cloud
  8. Jio Money
  9. Jio Security
  10. Jio Net

So a set of 10 Useful Jio Apps for free worth Rs.10,000.


The Jio Prime Membership plan is cost effective and affordable. So do a recharge of Rs.99 to get under the prime plan. Then continue your internet journey with Jio, paying Rs.303 per month.

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