New Nokia 3310 vs Old Nokia 3310

The New Nokia 3310 will be launched in India as soon as it launches in China and America. Being a company of HMD, Nokia strives hard to get into the smartphone Market. There are lot of competitions in India right now in the Mobile Market as well as in telecom field. We all believe Nokia for it’s quality and the service it offers. More over the long lasting Capacity which the mobile deserves. For most of us Nokia 1100 will be the first phone, need less to say that it deserves the champion title. To say, Nokia 3310 is a feature phone!.

We have seen lot of Memes about Nokia 3310 which will be mostly compared for its strength, and its sound quality,vibration and all.. This made us to remember the golden days of Nokia back in time when it was a standalone company(Without Microsoft). After the evolution of Android, Nokia gone down to the earth, as people still don’t wanna stick with the old feature phone type. But later Nokia came out with Windows Phones but it was not their day, and that too was denied by people for lack for apps that it offers comparing to android.

Comeback of New Nokia 3310 :-

Recently Nokia made a comeback in the right time,  along with the entry of Android Operating system. They have launched a premium range of device  like Nokia 6. And Nokia 8 launch is yet to be happen. We also have the technical specification of Nokia 8.  And along with the premium segment Nokia decided to launch the New Nokia 3310 with little modifications.

New Nokia 3310 vs Old Nokia 3310

This Image Show the New Nokia 3310 VS Old Nokia 3310.  The new mobile comes with a color display screen and the form factor of the body is also changed. It comes with different colors. Yellow,Pink,Black and blue. To the added fact this mobile will come with the snake game and even internet can be accessed. It comes with Opera mini internet browser.

Price in India and Launch date:-

This device prices around 49 euros when converted to Indian currency, Rs.3499 . The launch date will be around the March according to the sources.


It runs S30, (series 30) operating system along with 16MB of internal memory and an expandable memory up to 32GB. It comes with a default 2 MP  of camera and a battery capacity of 1200mAh. And to the surprise it is a dual sim mobile. Where it accepts two micro sims.


So this comeback of the legendary device with some essential features is great.Hope you like this,please share!

Hope you got technified!


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