Nokia 8 Price in India , Official Launch and Specification

Nokia 8 Price has been officially announced on their site. Nokia 8 Price in India and it’s launch and technical specifications are quite attractive, but comparing the Nokia 8 Price other mobiles are cheaper and better in terms of specification. But I don’t mean that Nokia 8 is bad, its fine for their quality. We all remember Nokia 1100 the Masterpiece mobile. I would also like to inform you the relaunch of Nokia 3310. While Nokia 8 is on the way in China, we would like to discuss the Nokia 8 Price in India.

Nokia has strives to retain their market which they had about an decade ago. But it’s not that easy I say. There are lot competitors right now in the industry, need less to say Like Samsung,HTC,Apple and some Indian brands. Still there is a hope that Nokia 8 will bring a change in Smartphone market. Nokia has finally agreed to use Android in Nokia 8. But need less to say that Nokia 8 features a custom android, that is a Skinned Android.

If you are the one who doesn’t like Skinned Android then this mobile has done a good thing too. That is, it does not do much with their Skin. They are light weight and still you can feel the stock android experience in Nokia 8.

Nokia 8 Price in India:-

Nokia 8 has been announced and being a product from a major brand. It’s been priced at a Little non-affordable rate. A common man has to think twice,thrice to buy this phone. When we compare this product with Samsung ON series, J series, this looks over priced for what it offers. More over if you compare with Oneplus 3, Oneplus 3T and some mobiles then too Nokia 8 is Price in India is too high.

Nokia Price in India is RS.41999 .  Which is damn high and near to Pixel, and an iPhone. But you can decide whether to choose after the Highlight specifications. It also supports VoLTE and you can use Reliance Jio’s Prime Membership offer with this mobile.

Nokia 8 Specifications:-

These are the Official Specification of Nokia 8.

I have dealt with only the important Official Specification,that you need to know.

Nokia 8 Price in India and Official Specification

You can feel free to share this Official Specifications of Nokia 8 With your friends.. For you convenience the Official Specification Chart has been made into Image format, So sharing is easy 🙂


Still there are proper instructions from Nokia, hope they give it soon. So You have known the important Official Specifications of Nokia 8, and it’s Price in India. So now it’s in your hands to decide the same. If you find it useful, pls share this post. Hope you got to know about Nokia 8 Price in India and its specification. Hope you got technified!



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