Hello there, here we bring up the top 10 best online games on Facebook that you can try for sure. These games listed here are free, and you can play these games using your browser connected to facebook account. We love facebook, and the games they provide are interesting and efficient to while away your free time. More over the best feature that attracts people to play online games on facebook is that, they can play the games with their friends worldwide. These are the main feature that attracts users. So, Let’s begin our Top 10 List.

Here I bring you the top 10 list of games that you can play facebook. These games are chosen according to,

  • Viewer retention
  • Design
  • Cost
  • Entertainment

These are our main factors.

Here comes the first in the list. I have given the direct link of the game pages, you can click on the game titles and enjoy playing.

1.) Criminal Case

online games on facebook

This is a typical game which made a bang in the facebook game community. When it was released, people from 13 and all, started to play this game. This game attracts users because of it’s creative designing of the game. The task given to you is to find hidden objects. This game goes more interesting when you add your friends.

2.) Candy Crush Saga

candy crush saga online games on facebook

This is a popular game that gave a blast opening in android platform. This game may look dizzy, but it’s very interesting when you get on higher levels. This game’s little brother Candy crush soda is also a very popular game.

3.) 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool game hack mod

As the name signifies this is a pool game. Of course it’s made by your favorite Online game maker Miniclip. Those are the days where there was no high end games like what we have today. People used to play games online using miniclip. But even though it was created by miniclip it ranks the top online games on facebook.

4.) Critical OPS

Image result for critical ops

Have you ever played the snipper games on PC? .If not this game may be your starter. This game has brilliantly designed graphics and great sound effects make you stick to your keyboard and mouse. This game is a must try one. On the list of Top 10 online games on facebook , this game can’t be missed!

5. ) Dead Trigger 2

dead trigger online game on facebook

This game is quite popular in Android  and iOS platform and was recently launched for Windows Phones too. If you want a thrilling snipper shooter game experience then this game is must try one. All you have to do is rock all the zombies. And the game becomes more interesting, when you reach greater levels.

6.) Pirate Kings

pirate kings game on facebook

This is a casual game where you have to attack on other islands and loot coins/money. You can attack your friends island and grab their gold and money. This is a very exiting and interesting game when more of your friends join the game. When you are bored and search for online games on facebook , this may while away your boredom.

7.) Piggy Boom

piggy boom game

This was considered as one of the hottest game on facebook with more than 500K Players + and joining. This game also involves islands hunting like Pirates kings. This game drives your attention at greater levels.

8.) Vector

vector game

When hearing this name, we may just remember the Vector in Maths, but here it is not. This game is a runner game which features the characters of the games on shadow. Some slow motion shots and effects may rise the game to the next level. On the list of online games on facebook , this game can’t be avoided.

9.) Jetpack Joyride

jetpack joyride facebook

This game is actually a hit on Android and iOS and recently in Windows Mobile phones. But the viewer retention on this game doesn’t change at all. Till now, it’s on the higher side and when you are searching for online games on facebook you could easily come across this game. Once you start playing, the rewards and the tokens the game provides, will keep you engaged.

10.) Supercity

supercity game facebook

Have you ever thought of creating your own dream city? Yes it is possible with this online game on facebook. You could actually strengthen up your architectural skills by creating your own building,city and much more. This game still ranks top on facebook.


So these are the best online games on facebook that you can try for sure. These games are selectively picked. And I hope you enjoy this list of games. Moreover, give your comments on the list. Share this if you like, and subscribe to our notifications. 🙂

Let me see you in the next one! Bye!

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