Samsung Galaxy S8

The Korean Company has recently made a break through launch of it’s Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ . Look what Samsung has bought in it’s new launch. Previously the company suffered from major let down by it’s flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 7, due to it’s exploding batteries. But today Samsung has launched it’s another flagship device in the Galaxy S series segment.  Let’s take a look at it.

Samsung Galaxy S8 :-

That was really bad release by Samsung, but they didn’t really give up, I would say. Their new launch if Samsung Galaxy S8 proved it. Let’s go through some of it’s added advantage. And come to a conclusion whether you have to upgrade from Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. We can clearly see the change in it’s regular physical form. Usually which Samsung handles with a Home button in it’s mobile, whether it may be budget or a flagship.. It doesn’t matter for Samsung they followed the Physical Home button. But the change in Samsung Galaxy S8 is that the Physical Home button is removed or simply it’ gone!

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Samsung hides the home button but not to worry it has been changed into an onscreen pressure sensitive button. By the introducing you the Bixby, A personal assistant introduced by Samsung.  Let’s quickly Jump on the specifications.


Samsung S8 Specifications
Samsung S8 Specifications

The above image shows the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S8.

What’s new in this mobile?:-

Many people ask this question when a mobile launches, like What’s new in this mobile? Why should I buy Galaxy S8? Why should I not go for iPhone 7 or 7+ ?

Ok, that’s a common questions, and the only answer will be iOS/Android. If you look at these mobiles, Samsung Strives to bring up new features and Apple does the same too, but the thing which brings the gap is the Operating system.

By the way, you too have some specs related issues too. As Samsung brought an iris scanner, but iPhone is just now introducing Water resistant feature. As of Samsung galaxy S8, you have some cool features, Like

  • Face unlock
  • Iris scanner
  • Bixby
  • Infinite display

Samsung Bixby :-

Is this a clash between Samsung’s Bixby VS Siri ? Yep, may be because this time Samsung tries to push up it’s personal assistant Bixby . Taking to the next level Samsung has bought a separate button for launching Bixby. The button takes place on the Left side of the mobile. When looking at at, surely it brings us the remembrance of Google Now. Bixby gives you the cards by tracing your activities , location ect:- Same thing google now assistant does! To mention is that this phone runs on Android 7.0 and it comes out of box with Google Assistant.  So according to this mobile, we can confirm the repaint of Google Now as Samsung Bixby.

Launch Date and Price :-

Samsung galaxy S8 Launch date is 21st April 2017. And this mobile is priced around 840$ . By the way this makes the situation to choose Samsung S8 VS iPhone 7 or Samsung S8 VS iPhone 7+.

So in India this price may start from 60,000 and go as high as 80,000 and more.


According to Samsung this mobile is a strong competitor of iPhone.  And so what are your thoughts? Comment down below. And if you like is short and crisp article of Samsung galaxy S8 , then do share this post in Social media! 🙂

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