Ever wanted to click photos of you favorite moment but your mobile runs out of storage?! That’s a pity situation and you can’t be searching for the unwanted files to delete at that moment. Let me introduce a quick trick which will surely help your work done quicker.

Just assume a situation where you are running out of storage but want your favorite moments to be captured?

So lets assume that you are asked to click a photo of a Orange(Fruit) quickly. On an average your mobile captures an image with a size of 2-4 MB and surely it will depend upon your camera quality,megapixels etc:- And also assume that you don’t have time to clear your memory.

Now you can just take a Screenshot using your mobile, and BOOM!!! you have successfully captured the image. Yep, it captures the images with some details on the screen but by the way your work gets done. The main work here is that the storage of the screenshot will be small and it also depends upon your screen pixel density like 230 PPI. And it will be around 1MB when compared to the actual pic taken by your camera.

Will show you an example :-

In these two images the first one was captured by camera (3.1 MB) and the second one was shot using screenshot trick and it sizes around 1 MB.

Common methods of taking screenshot:-

1.) Press “home+volume” button (Commonly for Samsung Android Mobile)

2.) Press “Power+volume” button (Commonly used for most android mobiles )

3.) Press “Vol up + power ” button (Commonly used for Windows phones)

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