Today WhatsApp new status update has been released. This update let’s you to keep you status as image,GIF,videos and express your feelings. This new update has been rolled to iPhone (Generally iOS ) and Android and Windows phone users. Yes, Windows phone 8,10 users can also enjoy this Whatsapp new status update. Though there are some disadvantages too…

In earlier days we used to keep Wordings, emojis,some quotes to express our status and indirectly or feelings.  But this not possible now , you can express only in the form of Images , gifs or videos. That may not be suitable for everyone. Yet this makes us to remember the inspiration of some apps. Since Whatsapp is Facebook owned company,they may bring out updates which brings little functionality of Facebook in whatsApp. Soon Whatsapp may add like feature too. Now there is comment option in Whatsapp’s new status update.

Whatsapp New status Update – Tips :-

There are some cool tips you need need to know about the new status feature. What ever you post it will get destroyed with in 24 hours. That’s a cool idea by Whatsapp. When you post you can see who has seen your status.

Additionally you can block people who you think must not peep at your Status. But the sad thing is that the regular status has been removed. But if you like to remove the new status update and move back to the normal one. That’s impossible. Whatsapp needs to work with your data connection, so you give access to the internet to the app. Finally the app checks for the new update and reports you to install one. It also gives you 7 days time to install new update. If you did not update whatsapp will show you a date error. That is the date on your mobile and the server date will not be matched and finally you have to go with the update. Older version of Whatsapp will claim “Your Phone date is inaccurate”. So in terms of whatsapp you have to update to the latest.

Whatsapp new status update ,date is inaccurate error in whatsapp :

Unknown features of New status update (Stop status running time):-

You know that the status runs for quite 5-6 seconds and then turns down. But what if it contains a lengthy wording or quotes that you want to take time and read. This cool little trick was found by me. So when you are reading the status in order to stop it and read. You have to do is, click the top three dotted icon while status is running. By doing this you can stop status running time.

Stop Whatapp new status feature time running

It looks like this.

It opens a Mute option, by the way the status stops and it will stay for longer time. Take time to read. Now you have stopped status running time. Hope you like this trick, and share with your friends right now by clicking the social icon! 🙂


Somehow whatsapp has managed to make a status update and its like it got inspired from other apps like Snapchat and hike too! Which had these features earlier itself. Now whatsapp has become a package of everything, from chat,video calling,image & document sharing ,voice calls and everything just in one app! Hope you like this article. Share with your friends,make them know about this 🙂 Hope you got technified!




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